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News 2022 / 2021




Economy of Means

25-th Gabrovo Biennial of Humor & Satire in Art

opening 20.05.2022



Sparks of Imagination. On the Frequencies of Beuys.

10.02 - 21.04.2022

group exhibition at National Art Gallery, curated by Vera Mlechevska



Frames of Reference

Dec 2021

group exhibition at Little Bird Place Gallery, curated by Antoaneta Quick



Lanscape Obssesion

Oct 2021

group exhibition at Arosita Gallery, organized by Alexander Valchev




selected solo & group exhibitions




Constructive Fluctuations


2019, site-specific installation, corrugated cardboard, exhibition view, ICA - Sofia Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

The ordinary cardboard boxes used to pack kitchen and bathroom appliances are for the artist Alexander Valchev sculptural material with plastic qualities. It is used to create three-dimensional objects installed in space and to engage specifically “in” and “with” this space. The perception of both objects and space is classical: the viewer is asked to walk around, to observe and to contemplate; to evaluate aesthetically the “abstract” geometrical forms, the volumes and their interrelations. The cardboard boxes “are” and “aren’t” the art work both at the same time. They are not only building up the space but are also supplementing various meanings and semantics; they are “telling” us about the time when they were made, about the culture of this society from its highest to its lowest everyday strata. The art work here is not merely the box but the space – it is populated by volumes constructed by, within and in-between the boxes that are known from the artist’s previous iterations. In times past the viewer would encounter the self-portrait of the artist drawn on the surface of the boxes/volumes. This exhibition now is a total environment and a space that is maybe the “self-portrait” of the artist as it is. One is tempted to talk about claustrophilia – the author’s love for closed spaces that are at the same time the construction (though fluctuating), as well as the energy image (quite powerful) of the world.



Diana Popova & Luchezar Boyadjiev






How to Deal with the Object


2019, solo exhibition, curator Iara Boubnova, exhibition view, Credo Bonum Gallery, SF, BG

“How to deal with the Object”, the exhibition by Alexander Valchev, deals with sculpture – it engages with how the three-dimensional, which is correlating with the human body, exists in space. With an evident self-irony the artist is orchestrating his own competent, intelligent, and well-informed interpretation about how those elements that art has been dealing with since time immemorial, might interact with one another today. The functions of The Object has been awarded to cardboard boxes quite familiar to anyone who has acquired kitchen or bathroom appliances. Regrettably, such boxes are too well known to all those who are pressed by necessity to find shelter in the cities of the world.



Iara Boubnova







2020: A Studio Odyssey


2020, solo exhibition, exhibition view, Arosita Gallery, SF, BG

This is an exhibition that showed some of my newest works at that moment. It contained six different series. Some of them are inspired from the situation around us that year, like "Future World" and “Are We the Champions?”, Others are related to my searches through the years, like "NeoCubism" or "Fluctuating Constructions". In addition I install two other series created for my previous exhibitions, but not shown before. These are the series "2018: An Attic Odyssey or How to Deal with the Object - first steps" was created for "How to Deal with the Object" exhibition / Credo Bonum Gallery 2019/ and now partly gave the name of this exhibition. "Lillholmen" is another small series which was planned to be part of "Sculpture projects" series shown in 2017. 

Now all these works became an eclectic exhibition which reflects my experience through the year 2020.








Portrait of GB Ruf


Out of the Blue


Sweet Dreams




2019, part of Thank You Mr. Ruf! - curator V. Nozharova

Credo Bonum Gallery,Sofia. BG


2020, part of Souvenirs from the Future - group show

ICA - Sofia Gallery, Bulgaria


2019, part of Where the Sculpture Is?curator K. Vassilev

Credo Bonum Gallery,Sofia. BG


2020, group exhibition

ONE Gallery, Sofia, BG






New Life


2015, solo exhibition, exhibition views, Goethe - Institut Sofia, BG

When I was invited to do an exhibition at the Goethe-Institute I began to think in principle I've always shared, that the exhibition should be linked in any way with the place. In this case, the institution and from there to the country which it represents, but also their relationship with our country and the present.



Alexander Valchev





Brick by Brick


Я памятник себе воздвиг нерукотворный..


Boxes II / Massimo Dutti /


Shelter II



2018, solo exhibition

Arosita Gallery, Sofia, BG


2017/2018, part of Brick by Brick solo exhibition

Arosita Gallery, Sofia, BG


2017, part of Dispute on Reality exhibition,

curators S.Pamukchiev, P. Tzanev, K. Vassilev

Shipka 6 Gallery,Sofia. BG


2016, part of Fortress group exhibition,UAMO Festival

Munich, DE




The Sculpture as a Hobby


2014, solo exhibition, curator Vera Mlechevska, exhibition views, Arosita Gallery, Sofia, BG

The sculpture is my creed.
It could be seen in all my activities and displays, during its principles I perceive the world, regardless of what I do and what kind of media I express myself as an artist. For me it is the most complex, comprehensive and hard about making art.



Alexander Valchev





Am I Living in a Box?




New Life / additional works /


Am I Living in a Box?


2015, part of Fortress group exhibition

curator N. Dzhakov

Sofia Arsenal - Museum for Contemporary Art, Sofia, BG


2016, part of In the Labelling Gap exhibition

curator Daniela Radeva

Sofia City Gallery, BG


2016, part of Situation Sofia group exhibition

organized by Goethe-institute Sofia,BG

Accademia Gallery, Sofia, BG


2014, part of Save the Dreams - Imago Mundi exhibiton

curators Claudio Scorretti & Irina Ungureanu

Luciano Benetton Collection, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice, IT




more exhibitons



2019 - Open Art Files: Notes and Footnotes - group exhibition curated by Vera Mlechevska, Kapana Gallery, Plovdiv, BG

2019 - Portrait of a Friend- group exhibition curated by Iglica Trifonova, Sofia City Art Gallery, BG

2018 - On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, group exhibition curated by Caroline Lio, Goethe-institute, Sofia, BG

2018 - New Life, solo exhibition as part of Danube Dialogues festival, Novi Sad, RS

2015 - Focus Bulgaria @ viennacontemporary - curated by Iara Boubnova and Vessela Nozharova, Viennacontemporary, Vienna. AT

2015 - Art for Change 1985 - 2015 group exhibition, curated by PhD Maria Vassileva, Sofia City Art Gallery, BG

2015 - Join the Dots / Unire le distanze - Salone Degli Incanti - Ex Pescheria Centrale, Trieste, IT


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