2020: A Studio Odyssey

solo exhibition

exhibition view 2020, Arosita Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria




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"2020: A Studio Odyssey" 

This is an exhibition that shows some of my newest works. It contains six different series. Some of them are inspired from the situation around us this year, like "Future World" and “Are We the Champions?”, Others are related to my searches through the years, like "NeoCubism" or "Fluctuating Constructions". In addition two other series created for my previous exhibitions, but which were not shown before. Series "2018: An Attic Odyssey or How to Deal with the Object - first steps" was created for "How to Deal with the Object" exhibition / Credo Bonum Gallery 2019/ and now partly gave the name of this exhibition. "Lillholmen" is another small series which was planned to be part of "Sculpture projects" series shown in 2017. 

Now all these works became an eclectic exhibition which reflects my experience through the year 2020.


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