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Dualism I


group exhibition




ONE Gallery Sofia, BG


ONE Gallery presents: Alexander Valchev, Iskra Blagoeva, NINA Kovacheva, Harita Asumani, Tracey Emin

'Dualism' is a project that combines obvious metaphorical constructions from the field of contemporary art with spatial objects emphasizing the experimentation with the unity of matter and form.

The topic examines the extent to which the images in the works of the presented authors can build a whole, contrasting not only delusion and truth as two worlds in which they are: the world of good and evil, black and white, polar opposites, flirting with Oedipus or even the existence of more than two parallel worlds.

?The exhibition "Dualism" is a new reading on the topic of diversity of views through new and well-known works by authors such as established names such as Iskra Blagoeva, Nina Kovacheva and Alexander Valchev, and the emerging author Harita Asumani.





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