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Untitled /IMAG0221/


C - print on photo paper

30/20 cm



The Sculpture as a Hobby






The sculpture is my creed.
It could be seen in all my activities and displays, during its principles I perceive the world, regardless of what I do and what kind of media I express myself as an artist. For me it is the most complex, comprehensive and hard about making art.
This exhibition is a chronicle of a process that is not known to what would result. The most important here is the search itself, preserving the idea and its development. I register temporarily existing objects created by me briefly and incidentally, done of ready subjects with minimal intervention or objects done by someone else, with a pragmatic goal, but recognized by me as a sculpture. I also record people and situations in whose forms and postures I recognize sculptures. All of them are subject to my constant demand and my empathy for the process of creating, founding, observing and research of shapes and spatial relationships, of the sculpture, because it happens in my head constantly.

Alexander Valchev 2014




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