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Untitled #2



Inkjet print on photo paper

70/165 cm



For a Few Dollars More or Nine Portraits series


For a Few Dollars More Or Nine Portraits about love, mirth, sorrow, anger, energy, fear, disgust, astonishment and tranquility. About choice.

With a Few Words More
For a Few Dollars More series represent nine photo portraits of artists in their studios. The photographs are inspired from Western movie, but in this case the artists are the protagonists, story writers, stage designers and the photographer himself is a director. The studio is their fortress, a place where reality and fiction are mixed together. It’s a romantic story about love towards art and the ability to resist the temptations of everyday life. It`s about the fight to save your own space, to keep your dreams alive, to fulfill your illusions.

Alexander Valchev 2012


This series was made between 2009 and 2012.





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