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We Love the Dogs and the Dogs Love Us II

2008/2010, Inkjet print on German Etching paper 310 gr/m2, 40,5 / 60,5 cm

We Love the Dogs and the Dogs Love Us series


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A year and a half ago I was passing through a lively boulevard in the city center and suddenly my sight was attracted by a shop window. Not longer ago it was a luxury shop but at that moment I could see inside a dog which had been walking among cardboard boxes and junk. On the shop window was written with big letters “LIQUI  ATION TO 700  “ This view seemed to me absurd but I decided it was something temporary. More than a year now I have been passing many times through this place but the only thing that changing is the quantity of dirt in side the shop and this on the windows.

From the very beginning in my mind associations appeared. All of this reminded me of I Like America and America Likes Me the Joseph Beuys’s most famous Action which took place in May 1974, when he spent some days in a gallery with a coyote. Here the scene take place in 24 hours opened “exhibition space” offering the possibility to be seen of a great number of viewers. I contemplated them many times. Many of the passers-by looked at the shop window and made comments and the children teased the dog knocking on the window. For a moment their reflections looked like to be closed inside together wit the dog. And when there were no people and it stayed alone among ragged nylons and cloths, I had the feeling that the back door could be opened in every moment and the same Beuys would appear.

When I walked home one night I saw a woman who fed the dog and played with it. I stood in the darkness outside as a viewer while inside on the illuminated stage as in a theatre the play was in full swing. I attended the performance. A very intimate contact almost like a ritual and at the same time ostentatious and open to the audience.

What is this? A metaphor of the nowadays attitude of the man towards the nature? An illustration of the nostalgia of the contemporary Bulgarian people towards the animals living in the back yard? A strange way of living together and reconciliation with the nature or new kind of a zoo? Careless attitude or concern? What does LIQUI  ATION TO 700  mean? 70% liquidation of the dogs or liquidation on 70 0  C within the period from … to …?

Don’t you have the feeling that this reminds of a politician’s promise for a pre-election campaign?

Alexander Valchev 2010


Series of 21 photographs.

Size: 40,5 / 60,5 cm

Edition of 5+1..

Technique: Inkjet print on German Etching paper 310 gr/m2


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