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Sculpture/Projects series - ongoing since 2016 & Neocubsm series - ongoing since 2020



Untitled /ML1520 & Lillholmen - I/



Untitled /ML1520 - I/



Untitled /ML1520 - III/



Untitled /ML1520 - II/



Untitled /ML1520 & Lillholmen - II/



Sculpture / project 02.12.2016 /



Sculpture / project 05.12.2016 /



Untitled /1Q84/



Untitled / Plan /



Untitled / Lillholmen - III /



Untitled / Lillholmen - II /



Untitled / Lillholmen - I /



Sculpture / project 10.03.2017 /



Sculpture / project 10.03.2017 /



Sculpture / project 12.03.2017 /



Sculpture / project 09.03.2017 /



Untitled Neocubism III



Untitled /The Tree of Life/



Untitled /An Ancient Tree I/



Untitled /Woman with a Cello/



Beyond the Horizon I



Reclining Figure III



Reclining Figure I



Untitled Neocubism II



Wild Flower I



Wild Flower II



Wild Flower III



Wild Flower IV



Secret Garden I



Secret Garden I - OVR



Untitled Neocubism III - OVR



Reclining Figure III - OVR



These are two series which are closely related and complete each other. Inspiration for both of them were cardboard boxeses and their unfolds.

"Sculpture/Projects" is ongoing series since 2016. In part of it by changing medium I`m redefining sculpture and I give another vision toward it and all of its characteristics.
The starting point for these works was my observation on simple things like the unfolds of cardboard boxes. I find beauty in them that many ignore. I combine parts of their shapes, arrange and rethink them. Results are abstract compositions in which the source materials have lost their original practical purposes and acquired new aesthetic values.

it "Neocubism" of one of my new series ongoing since 2019. It is, in a way, continuation of “Sculpture/Projects” series and it is based on my interest in Modern art and research of shapes and spatial relationships, but in the contemporary spirit. I think that nowadays there are many things in common with first half of the XX century. This is reason for me to look back and to step on means of expression typical for this period.



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