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2018: An Attic Odyssey or How to Deal with the Object - first steps series 2018/2020






Three Steps Toward an Unidentified Rectangular Object






Close Encounters of the Third Kind






exhibition view as part of

2020: A Studio Odyssey


exhibition view as part of

2020: A Studio Odyssey





This short series was created during the process of making "How to Deal with the Object" exhibition / Credo Bonum Gallery 2019/ but finally did`t take part in it. A year later it became part of 2020: A Studio Odyssey at Arosita Gallery and partly gave the name of it. All titles of the works, as the name of the series, are based on titles of the Sci Fi movies where the main topic is comunication /with another form of life/. In the case of this series the comunication is between Artist and Object.

This series was included in the solo exhibition 2020: A Studio Odyssey, 2020, Arosita Gallery, SF, BG



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