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Wapon of Choice / Choice of Weapon




used corrugated box, black pencil, acrylic

106/48/14 cm



Are We the Champions? series


The work „Weapon of Choice / Choice of Weapon“ is about the power of choice. Whether we should fight and if we do which the best way would be.
Music was always one of my strongest inspirations, but here also mouvies have to be mentioned. Between 2009 and 2012 I did another series "For a Few Dollars More" which deals with choice too.
This work is made of used corrugated cardboard box from real guitar. It inspired me for this work too.
Size of the object is 106/48/14 Ům. Big base made by glass and MDF. Size with the big base is 200/70/60 Ům

It was shown in Dualism exhibition at ONE Gallery in 2020.



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