The Sculpture as a Hobby

solo exhibition, curator Vera Mlechevska

exhibition view 2014,Arosita Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria



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The Sculpture as a Hobby

In his solo exhibition at the Arosita gallery Alexander Valchev has returned to a serious pursuit - sculpture from the distance of a lover. Artist - sculptor graduated, examines again statics of bodies and volumes in space, but now does not stain his hands in mixtures and forms, but analytical disassemble and assemble, record and document the balance of different structures. He does this with the analytical eye of the lens in the form of photograph, drawing and collage, or try to visualize structure of corrugated cardboard.
The artist will forever remain infinitely respectful of sculpture for the complexity and skill it requires. He recognizes its principles, finding them accidentally in all daily situations. Objects of Alexander Valchev - found by chance seen on the streets or built by himself are reduced to pure form, rhythm and composition are removed from their cultural context or deliberately placed in another - always the one of the art.
Obsession of endless recording of sculptural objects captured as the mind of the artist as the space of Arosita gallery. There he transferred part of his studio and with it the whole unending process of gaining and creating images deployed in abundant numbers photographs, drawings, sketches and collages.
Over time, the interest in certain constructs is transferred to all kinds of objects: concrete monuments, boxes, dustbin, which as easily overcome gravity. Though in this weightless gather aspiration of the artist to have the scale of the architect and the architect's desire to curb frivolous imagination of an artist. These and other contradictions intersect and untie in the exhibition of Alexander Valchev.

Vera Mlechevska 2014



© Alexander Valchev