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Dangerous Game III /Ballon de Cuivre/



razor wire /steel/ - same as the one that border fances are made from, copper, black stone

36/23/23 cm



Are We the Champions? series


The work „Dangerous Game III /Ballon de cuivre/“ 2020 is part of series of three sculptures. Next one - „Dangerous Game II /Ballon d`argent/“ is under production and it`s followed by the last one  „Dangerous Game I /Ballon d`or/“ .
The work is an ironic comment on football and politic nowadays.
They are made of Razor Wire /steel/ – same one as one that border fences are made from, covered by copper, silver or gold. Base is made of black stone. Big base made by glass and MDF.
Size of the sculpture is 36/23/23 Ům. Size with the big base is 145/45/45 Ům.

It was shown in 2020: A Studio Odyssey exhibition at Arosita Gallery in 2020.



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